Bridge Loans in Scarsdale & Westchester County

Types Of Bridge Loans We Offer in Scarsdale

Bridge loans are short-term loans used until an individual or a company can secure permanent financing or remove an existing obligation. They exist to provide immediate cash flow during the period between a demand for cash and its availability. 

At Mansby Capital, we offer expert services in:  

Acquisition Loans

These loans can be used to cover the purchase of raw land, an existing single-family home or existing multi-family property. They usually last no more than two years, after which the borrower will typically refinance the acquisition loan into a more permanent mortgage.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are typically used to cover the costs associated with constructing a building. Building materials, contractor labor, permits, and professional fees are only a few of the essentials covered by a construction loan. This type of loan usually lasts no more than two years, after which the borrower will typically refinance the construction loan into a more permanent mortgage. 

Fix and Flip Loans

Designed to help purchase and renovate a property before selling or refinancing it, fix and flip loans combine acquisition and construction loans into one, making it simpler for borrowers. They are an excellent way to provide fast funding when buying via foreclosure or auction. 

Top Bridge Loan Financing for Builders & Real Estate Investors in Scarsdale & Westchester County

At Mansby Capital, we pride ourselves on being a leading bridge lender serving builders and real estate investors. We specialize in land acquisition, multifamily acquisition, new construction, and rehabs. We know that speed matters and can close even the largest loans in a short time.

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